About JWP

Who We Are: Local residents comprise the body of the Juneau Watershed Partnership. Our board of directors, staff, and advisory committee work together to identify opportunities for maintaining or improving watershed and habitat health and develop projects aimed at focusing community interest, understanding, and energy to benefit our watersheds.

Our Mission at the Juneau Watershed Partnership is “to promote watershed integrity in the City and Borough of Juneau through education, research and communication while encouraging sustainable use and development.”

Our Vision: Originally, the Mendenhall Watershed Partnership (MWP) was founded in 1998 by locals with concern for the environmental and economic health of the Mendenhall Watershed area. In 2006, MWP became the Juneau Watershed Partnership (JWP), expanding our geographic scope to include all watersheds located in the City and Borough of Juneau. Still placing a high value the waterways in the Mendenhall Valley, we believe that opportunities for watershed stewardship exist throughout our community.

JWP projects include stream clean-up events, community field trips, and local environmental education activities. We collaborate with other organizations and agencies to monitor water quality and general stream health, to prevent the decline of healthy streams and to restore the health of impaired waterbodies. We also bring local agencies and stakeholders together to build understanding and make informed decisions to maintain habitat integrity and water quality in Juneau’s watersheds.

We are a volunteer-based organization; our success is based on the expertise, creativity, and generosity of Juneau residents.  The partnership depends on involvement of homeowners, builders, anglers, recreational users, Assembly members, government employees, native groups, businesses, and you. Please join us so we can work together for healthy watersheds.


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