Welcome Christin! SAWC/JWP’s UAS Environmental Science Intern


JWP Intern Christin Khasla

We are pleased to announce Christin Khalsa has recently joined the Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition (SAWC)/ Juneau Watershed Partnership (JWP) team as a University of Alaska (UAS) Environmental Science Intern. She will be assisting in this year’s monitoring efforts of the Duck Creek Nancy Street Wetland funded by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) through the Alaska Clean Water Actions (ACWA) Program. As part of this project, Christin will be working with JWP and our UAS Environmental Science faculty partners to conduct field measurements and laboratory analysis of a variety of water quality parameters. This data will be used to determine the effectiveness of the Nancy Street Wetland project in improving water quality on Duck Creek.

Christin is a current student at UAS, planning on graduating with a Bachelors in Environmental Science and a minor in Math. Her favorite classes at the UAS were Hydrology, Biogeochemistry, and Mathematical Modeling.  She is grateful to be a part of the continuing study of Duck Creek. She looks forward to continuing her education in water quality assessment or water resource management. She is passionate about understanding watershed systems and being in the woods.

To learn more about the Duck Creek Nancy Street Wetland monitoring project that Christin, JWP, and UAS will be working on, please visit our project website at: http://www.juneauwatersheds.org/programs/wetland.html

A special thanks to our UAS Environmental Science faculty partners Dr. Eran Hood, Dr. Sonia Nagorski, and Dr. Lisa Hoferkamp for their continued advice and support.